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Online Class

Virtual Tax Clients 

Follow these "Fresh Steps" to have your taxes completed in a timely manner

Step 1

(Please read all of STEP 1 before starting the tax process)

1) If you need to make an appointment with Fresh Start, Please click here:

Click here for the "Taxes To Go" App:

Current Year Tax Filing- 2023 Tax Year

*You may utilize the Taxes To Go app for the 2023 Tax Year and you should also complete the Client Intake and Engagement below, which pertains to you and your situation. Please answer all questions that are necessary for yourself and dependents claimed.

For W2, Self-employed (Sole Proprietors and LLC Elections), & 1099 Contractors Only

For Corporation and Partnership only

Previous Tax Year Filings

If you need to file for a previous tax year, please select the year that your are filing:

(Please do not utilize the taxes to go app for Previous Years)

If you need to file for a previous tax year, please upload your necessary documents to the previous year Intake Forms above instead of Taxestogo App.

Tax Amendments only:

Please upload the tax return that is in need of amendment and complete the form above.

Step 2

Your Tax Professional will complete your return and contact you, if necessary with any questions or concerns.

Step 3

Each client will be entered into our Client CRM and receive an email regarding the final findings for your tax return. This information will include your return amount or the amount that you may owe, along with the final price for the service.

Step 4

Once the terms are accepted, the client will need to:​

1) Sign the Return (The Tax Professional will give instructions from here)
2) Fill out the Consent Forms below:

Step 5

The Pay Options will be discussed with the client. Once all details have been discussed, an invoice will be sent to the email on file.

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