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Dr.  Eukeethia B.

Global Business Strategist & Financial Educator

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Dr. Eukeethia Barnes is a serial entrepreneur, author, and leader who is passionate about helping others achieve their own financial freedom and to overall obtain better life skills. Eukeethia has been around in the finance industry for about a decade and a half. She leveraged her knowledge and experience in Corporate America to build Fresh Start Business Service in 2016.

Some of her Published Books are:

  • “Balance” - Entrepreneurship and Mental Health

  • “The Blueprint” - Mapping Out a Business the Correct Way

  • “Ready, Set, Go” - An Accelerated Guide to Starting your Tax business, and many more!


Through her brand ‘I Am Dr. Eukeethia B.’, she aims to ignite the desire for self-improvement in people’s hearts and overall lives.

As the Founder of Fresh Start Excels, Inc., Dr. Eukeethia Barnes focuses on Financial Literacy as a top priority for our Youth and Community. She also focuses heavily on empowerment, continuous improvement, and time management. Eukeethia delivers the importance of building a strong identity.

If you would like to:

- Obtain a Professional Educator/Coach

- Become a Tax Professional

- Design Digital Products

- Build a Business from the Ground up (The Correct Way)

I would like to speak with you!!


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